9/4 Understanding the activist trajectories of Syrians across time and space

IMER Lunch Seminar

From revolution to exile: Understanding the activist trajectories of Syrians across time and space

Time: Tuesday 9th of April 2024, 12.00 – 13.00

Place: Online through this zoom link

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What happens to political dissidents after they go into exile? Do they continue to engage with their homeland causes or do they disengage altogether seeking a new life in their new whereabouts?

About the Seminar

In this seminar, Amany Selim will discuss the findings of her doctoral thesis, which focuses on the case of Syrian activists who were forced out of their country in the aftermath of the 2011 Syrian uprising. Based on biographical interviews made with Syrian activists living in Berlin and Oslo, Selim will analyse how Syrian activists’ trajectories have evolved over time and across different contexts of exile, drawing on a comparison between the two cities. The seminar will be an elaboration of her thesis findings which unpack the interlinkages of time and space in influencing political participation in exile, drawing attention to the contributory value of homeland activism to integration.

Amany Selim holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Bergen. She is currently an independent consultant working on digital rights in the Middle East.

For questions about the event or if you experience problems registering, etc., please contact: Felicity.Okoth@uib.no

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